Widdowshins - The fate of the universe is here - Tales of witchcraft, murder, mayhem... and afternoon tea

Richard Ainsworthnd the guardians are... an elderly female Celtic magic practitioner, a bratty, bone-idle student, her seedy book-dealer boyfriend, a chattering hypochondriac monkey skull, a philosophical goldfish & a very stupid tabby cat. Throw into the mix a dull country vicar & his exotic French wife, a venal, self-serving, greedy Mayor, & a plethora of the underworld, it makes the stage set for a uniquely British battle between Good & Evil, as a series of world-shaking supernatural threats appear through the unlikely portal of a provincial village. A cast of eccentric characters bumbling through life, trying to sort out the various earth-shattering & universe-threatening incidents taking place in their village & still have time for tea and fruit cake. The history is real, the magick is real & the jokes are bad. Widdowshins is how the rest of the world imagines Britain to be, a remnant of the country's rural village past. But scratch the surface, & there are stories with international, and indeed inter-dimensional import. Each individual story is focused on the occult beliefs and practices of a different country: Britain, Germany, Russia, Brazil, Japan and others. Although the Supernatural is always in the background, there are who-dunnits, why-dunnits and heists along the way… So, come in. Welcome to the village. We’re sure you’ll fit right on in.


In the ever increasing line of stories, findings are slipped out, so it’s for the reader to piece them together to work out what the big plot really is. Richard actually lives in the area with his wife, three children and Jack Russell terrier.