Widdowshins - You are only sure of where you are after you have left - The Widdowshins Characters

Ruby's SigilRuby
A practitioner of the Celtic mystery arts, she seems to have been here forever. She lives in a small caravan in the hills overlooking Widdowshins. Ruby’s magickal abilities work fantastically well, or not at all. She uses old, very florid language and she despises bullies.

Tobias' SigilTobias
Ruby’s cat familiar. Given half a chance he will be as lazy as is possible. He likes nothing better than to snooze at the side of the stove, or eat, preferably both. Tobias isn’t the brightest of cats, but does some very important snooping work, though this usually ends him in the mire.

Chen's SigilChen
A Koi Carp who resides in a crystal ball, Chen helps Ruby with sage advice and spellcraft. Former advisor to an ancient Chinese War Lord, who had him transformed into a fish when he didn’t agree with the advice. Ever since that day, poor Chen looks for someone to undo the strong magick.

Eddy's SigilEddy
A chattering capuchin monkey skull, over two hundred years old. He is the grumpy and ill-tempered advisor to Ruby. Eddy is an incurable hypochondriac, always pessimistic and sarcastic. He is respectful to both Ruby and Chen but he enjoys a love-hate relationship with Tobias.

Malcolm Nicodemus' SigilMalcolm Nicodemus Oldthwaite
Malcolm is the owner of a shop stocking esoteric and second-hand books, comics and memorabilia. He fancies himself as a studier of the black arts and likes people to think that he has this dark side. Underneath this veneer Malc lives with his mother, she’s a fusspot.

Bethany Devizes' SigilBethany Devizes
The lazy, unkempt daughter of Liz Devizes. Everything is far too much hassle for her to do, she prefers to play on her laptop and twist her dreadlocks and be left alone. She is meant to be a student, but nobody can ever remember her studying anything, ever.

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